L’Archet d’Or Series I, II & III SEALED UNPLAYED


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L’Arxchet d’Or highly acclaimed series  I, II & III. Limited number editions of 250 each.

Sealed and New

Series I Numbered 166

OR I – Jeanne Gautier/Yvonne Lefébure – Jeanne Gautier/Aimee Van De Wiele

OR II – Jeanne Gautier/André Levy

OR III – Jacqueline Eymar

OR IV – Camilla Wicks


Series II Numbered  60

OR V – Marcelle Meyer

OR VI – Jeanne Gautier/Nadine Desouches – Jeanne Gautier/Lelia Gousseau

OR VII – Maurice Maréchal/Cecile Ousset

OR VIII – Agnelle Bundervoët

ORSP01 – Special Pressings 12″ 45s


Series III Numbered 79

OR IX – Agnelle Bundervoët

OR X – Germaine Thyssens-Valentin & Loewenguth Qtt

OR XI – André Levy

OR XII – Le Trio de France (Jeanne Gautier, Geneviève Joy, André Levy)

ORSP02 – Special Pressings 12″ 45s