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10 cool solutions for vinyl record storage

Sooner or later, if you are becoming a vinyl buyer, or progressing towards vinyl fanatic status, the problem of where to put it all will become a serious headache, a vinyl record storage headache! Now in my many years as a classical vinyl LP record dealer I have seen many novel solutions. The most bizarre was in a duck house in the middle of an enormous pond. I have seen many solutions to vinyl storage that really are not solutions at all, merely stop gaps!

If your records collection is only 50 or so then here is a beautiful idea, especially if you are an avid clothes shopper too.


storage2This is a DIY solution but you can always acquire something ready made from the 60’s from your local junk shop or flea-market. I would suggest an out of town junk shop / house clearance establishment as they just want a quick turnover and they are likely to be cheap. Here’s an example of the type of thing you can get for not a lot for a small collection of records, or maybe just as a display idea, after all vinyl is cool.
storage9This one is a Stanton vinyl record storage cabinet custom finished on the inside in red.
storage8There are various modern versions of these classic designs coming on the market now, re-interpreted for the 21st century.
storage11Or you could go for the rough and ready look with vintage wine crates atop an old table.
storage5Now we seem to getting to that place where vinyl storage mean extra furniture. In the golden age of vinyl there were many pieces of furniture on the market for housing vinyl collections - I still see them on a weekly basis when making my rounds to private houses to buy records. Here are a few:
storage3If you have more records that you want to display this way there are quite a few vintage solutions that you could try to acquire or remake in your own way.
storage12And for those with truly no hope there may be no option other than to give whole walls over to the addiction. I have seen them in MDF, but solid wood generally looks and feels better.
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